Now Minting for the cost of a drink!


Visions of the future with Martian Bartender. How Martian Bartender will evolve and how holders can benefit.

Crawling to the launchpad

We are escaping the atmosphere…

The goal is to create amazing bar art that provides utility reaching far into the physical restaurant and bar industry. We are still working on all the algorithms and best combinations of drinks to provide the best variety COCKTAILS, and then MARTIANS. Quality come first though, as we want this to be a long term experience for holders with a loving and supportive community. The first step is launching in a galaxy near you. Want to be a #MartianBarfly? Follow us on Discord and Twitter to follow along

Building a community

We are approaching light speed…

The Martian Bartender is from another world and know nobody. He needs help if he's going to fix his ship and bring back his friends. Find out where Martian Bartender has crash landed. Come join him for a drink at Happy Hour.

Finalizing some details

We are arriving at Space Pub #1. Time for a drink…

No one on this planet has a warp drive reactor? This might take some time.

Cocktail Launch

It 5’oclock somewhere…

He is selling all of his cocktails to fix his ship and get home. Cocktails go on sale. Get them before last call.

Let's give some shit away

Ludicrous Speed. Go…

Martian Bartender has to stock his own bar too for the long trip home, but also so he can give away some to those that just need a drink. Happy Hour Giveaways keep the party going. COCKTAILS start getting tipped to #MartianBarflys that need or deserve a helping hand. Charities and donations to local restaurants and bars become a focus as well, spreading the word about what it means to be a Martian Bartender card holder.

Utility Accelerator Program

The Invasion Has Begun

We've made it. Martian Bartender community has grown and now its time to take it to the streets. Martian Bartender comes to a city near you to help educate and get user some local utility and sponsored perks for card holders. Sponsered INGREDIENTS, COCKTAILS, MARTIANS and PUBS go into full effect. Our goal is to have galaxy wide coverage for holders. We also plan to build a portal for restaurants and bars to download media, sign up for events, and to give perks to holders. Finding where your nearest perks are should be just a click away.



Modeled after your favorite bar guests. Express your personality through your MARTIAN avatar. Each one with the traits you love or loathe from your bar guests.

AR Experiences and Beyond

Hydrate and Get Safe Transport Home

Unique AR Experiences, and events held at different local spots and Space Pubs. Also cocktails and martians become part of our bigger plan for AR. Big dreams mean we are here to stay and create lasting value for the holders