Now Minting for the cost of a drink!

Building WEB3 and AR Experiences
For your favorite restaurants and bars

Welcome to Martian Bartender

We're mixing up WEB3, NFTs, and AR

Let's start off with some drinks?

Uniquely created cocktail NFTs gets you in. Let's go!

Travel the galaxy with us

Martian Bartender

Martian Bartender is now mixing up drinks behind the bar. Mixing up NFT cocktails and WEB3 technology all to help bridge the gap between restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and the NFT community.

Remember these Handcrafted NFT cocktails take time to make properly, so does WEB3 apps and technology. So, let's crack a bottle and work through it together.

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Making It Easy

Supporting Hospitality

Support this project if you'd like to see AR come to life for hospitality.
Martian Bartender will be creating the easy button for restaurants, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to get into Web3 and AR.

It all starts with Cocktail NFTs then we drop Martians. From there it is all about developing AR experiences and value for the community.

What does that mean for holders?

Access to IRL and Virtual Events

Access to Special Education and Gear

Access to AR Experiences

Access to Allow List for Martians

Access to Discounts, Gifts, and Freebies

The Cocktails


Cocktails are just the beginning.
After cocktails are served, we are creating Martian PFPs.
Each Martian will be handcrafted and represent a personality from your favorite restaurant or bar.

Follow us to find out more

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Learn more about the Martian Bartender Project by clicking below.

Become a #MartianBarfly today. Don't forget to support your local restaurants and bars and don't forget to tip your server.

AR Experiences

Our ultimate goal is to bring AR Experiences to your favorite restaurants and bars. From Food and Drink Menus, to Games and Entertainment. WEB3 has the ability to allow for personalized unique experiences through AR in the future.

Drink Menus

Food Menus

Table Games

Way Finding

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AR will create better experiences for YOU. Happy and engaged guests are better for the restaurant and bars too.

To accomplish our goals, we need to educate the service industry as well as add value to the Martian Bartender community. Education on this site will always be free.

The Team

Martian Bartender

Traveler and Transporter

Shawn Barker

Artist and Developer

Joshua Tree Barker

Community and Operations