Now Minting for the cost of a drink!


Take me to the moon!

Getting into NFTs or cryptocurrency might seem as complicated as shooting a rocket into space. Martian Bartender is here to help you simplify that journey, so that anyone can get into the galaxy of collecting NFTs. Learn more about NFTs as a Cadet

What could go wrong?

Error! Error! Navigation System going offline! Exiting wormhole in 3…2…1… “Hello, this is Space Trader 415, carrying restaurant & bar supplies to the delta quadrant. I am going down on a strange planet. Is anyone reading this?”

“I'm going down. Ahhh.”

Crash landing on a strange planet. Only way to fix his ship and get home is to sell some of his supplies. Help the Martian Bartender get home! To find his coordinates, join his Discord →

What is a Martian Bartender NFT?

Martian Bartender is looking to create a WEB3 platform that will seamlessly connect NFT token holders to other restaurants, bars, and nightclubs offering direct rewards from those establishments to Martian Bartender token holders.

Martian Bartender is also working to create physical products, gear & swag, as well as host promotional events exclusively for NFT community token holders.

What are the benefits?

The #1 concern for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs is Marketing and getting people interested in coming to their establishment. The Martian Bartender has brought his future WEB3 technology here to help Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs roll out the red carpet for the NFT community to support this need and in return reward Martian Bartender Token holders.

Limited Availability

Supply will be limited. Once they are sold out, you will have to show your support on the secondary markets.

Once he fixes his ship he will be launching back into the cosmos to recruit other Martians to share in his experiences on this mysterious planet.

Helping the Service Industry

Giving back and getting the entire restaurant, bar, and nightclub industry back on its feet is Martian Bartenders quest that he has set out to conquer around the universe. A portion of the royalties collected will be donated to help select restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, keep serving the community great drinks. We want to uplift other bartenders, servers, dishwashers, hostesses, bussers, barbacks, cooks, chefs, managers, and anyone that supports the restaurant, bar, and nightclub industry.

About the Art

Over 100 Handcrafted Cocktails

Each cocktail was handcrafted in 3D to look real to life, mimicking your favorite drink. 11+ different types of wine. 6+ types of sparkling cocktails. 7+ different types of beer. 15+ mixed drinks. 17+ classic cocktails. 6+ After Dinner drinks. 6+ shots. 20+ highballs. All this equals over 100 different recipes. What is your favorite drink? From IPA, to Champagne, to Cosmopolitan. Martian Bartender has got you covered.

16 Backgrounds

Backgrounds from around the universe. Images of travels across time and space. Your cocktail could be floating in empty space or traveling at light speed. Check out the BACKGROUNDS here.

16 Planets

Martian Bartender's favorite planets from his travels. Each one has its own story to tell, but he's not giving up any details yet. Transport your cocktail to the Blue Planet or the Frozen Planet for scenic views as you sip your cocktail. Check out the PLANETS here.

16 Frames

Completely custom FRAMES to showcase your cocktail. Everyone gets a frame. Frozen or a Furry Frame sets yours apart from those around you. Increasing the rarity and appeal. Check out the FRAMES here.

Virgin Drinks

Some Martians don't drink. Stamped as VIRGIN. These tokens account for a very small percentage of the pool, but we support all those that do not drink. Grab a Glass of Water or a virgin stamped cocktail. Check out an example VIRGIN here.

About the Artist

Martian Bartender was created and founded by Shawn Barker. A long time professional in the service industry, he has worked at some of the best restaurants and clubs on the west coast. Shawn is taking his love of the service industry, technology and art to the next level with Martian Bartender.

Everything you see was handcrafted by Shawn Barker specifically for Martian Bartender. Each piece of art was carefully modeled, shaded, and rendered to mimic the real cocktail. All web design, mockups, encoding, smart contracts, and Web3 integrations all uniquely designed for Martian Bartender by Shawn Barker. Innovative and fiercely independent, he built Martian Bartender with a, going to do this our way mentality.

Shawn saw first hand what the pandemic has done to the service industry as a whole. The hoops and stress put on teams and guests is great.

“Everyone could use a drink right now. It's my goal to help the service industry get back on their feet. Help them use Web3 to increase their business, guest satisfaction, and staff engagement, while providing amazing perks for token holders” --Shawn Barker

Nobody can do it on their own. Shawn kept going and getting better through the help and support of his brother Joshua Tree Barker. Josh is the business and community guru with backgrounds in the service industry and commercial real estate. The tag team join forces.

Barker Bros form and plan to integrate Web3 and NFTs into various industries starting with Martian Bartender. See team for more information.